Introducing Finbar Doig

With the Aisling strapped to his feet Finbar is oft seen flying through the air in Scotland and abroad.

I first saw Finbar Doig's great and often hilarious videos (@f_dawwggg) on Instagram last year and was highly entertained. After a mutual friend Jamie looked at the Aisling ski I had designed he said 'thats the ski for F Dawg!'

'thats the ski for F Dawg!'

— Jamie Adcock Gnar facilitator

After meeting up and going for a bike ride I thought it would be great to invite him on the team and actually get him round to make his own skis. We spent a weekend making a maple Aisling which he then mountain some nice Look Pivots to up in Inverness.

F Dawg in Cham

Finbar has taken the Aislings to Chamonix this year and his dad Graham took some excellent photos.

Chamonix Grand Montets

Deepest Darkest Cham

He recently won the Lawers of Gravity event at Ben Lawers range. This was quite poignant as its kind of the local ski touring hill to the workshop and can be considered as the birthplace of Scottish skiing. Photographer Ed Smith caught an amazing photo.

Ed Smith Capture Finbar engulfed by Scottish Power at Meall nan Tarmachan

Finbar just competed in the Corrie challenge at Aonach Mor. In his practice run he back flipped into Summit Gully regardless of the hard pack. The moment was captured by Brodie Hood who was sitting just under the lip of the feature.

Finbar flipping into Aonach Mor's Summit Gully photo by Brodie Hood